Responsible Visitor Charter


Responsible Visitor Charter

By following our Responsible Visitor Charter, you can be sure of making the most of your stay while helping to look after the environment.

Give the driver a break – leave the car behind and see the best of our scenery by walking, cycling and using public transport. Many walking and cycling routes offer great views and access to places that cars can’t get to.

Buy local produce – support our local farmers and producers who play such a valuable role in growing the local economy and preserving the landscape by visiting the country markets and buying local and regional produce.

Reduce, reuse, recycle – waste less, reduce the impact on the environment and recycle your waste. Support local businesses and attractions by purchasing their ‘Bags for Life’ and cut down on plastic use. Don’t buy bottled water. Bring a reuseable water bottle and refill from the ‘tap’. Water is safe to drink from the tap in Ireland.

Look after our sea - waste water ends up in Inishowen’s rivers and finally, the sea, so be careful what you wash away and where you go to the toilet when outdoors, stay as far away from streams as possible. Bring your waste home with you. Help cut down on the phosphates going into our water systems by reusing towels in your accommodation to reduce the amount of washing. Save water by turning off the tap when brushing your teeth and consider taking a shower instead of a bath.

Respect the landscape & nature – use paths and trails responsibly, always use litter bins and be aware of fire risks. If you want to go the extra mile, why not consider volunteering with one of the organisations that work to preserve and enhance the countryside. Or plant a tree and watch it grow through Solas Ireland’s “Plant a Tree in Inishowen’’ initiative.

Save Energy – always switch off lights and preserve heat by closing windows whenever you leave a room.

Support local culture & heritage – visit important heritage buildings and attend local events and festivals – many of which use the landscape as a backdrop to help keep Irish culture alive.

Support sustainable tourism businesses – consider using tourism providers that are committed to looking after our landscape and wildlife and reducing its impact on the environment. Seek out eco-certified tourism providers.

Enjoy your stay – and come back time and time again, and we can all help to protect this beautiful place we call home for generations to come!

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