Moss Planting



Our moss story and the fight against Climate Change…

Some tour companies plant a tree for every booking but here in Co. Donegal, we care about our bogs.

Bogs or peatlands are hugely important contributors to biodiversity and the fight against climate change.

Healthy and fully functioning bogs are the most efficient long-term carbon stores and sinks in the Planets’ biosphere.


So, if you book with Solas Ireland, we will plant some sphagnum moss, also known as ‘the bog builder’, for you in one of our local bogs in need of restoration. We will also send you the co-ordinates, so you know where your patch of moss is located!

Our Bog Safari guided hike brings you through bogs in the North West of Ireland with incredible scenery and you can experience first-hand, this amazing habitat.

You can read more about our guided walks and hikes HERE.

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