Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy

Solas Ireland are committed to working in a sustainable way that respects and helps protect our environment by undertaking the following actions. We will:

  1. Seek to help grow Inishowen’s tourism economy in a sustainable and responsible manner
  2. Support the local community by promoting local products, using local suppliers and by employing local staff were ever possible
  3. Comply with the requirement of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice
  4. Continuously seek to improve our commercial, environmental and social performance
  5. Continually strive to reduce pollution, emissions and waste
  6. Continually strive to reduce the use of energy, water and fuel
  7. Increase our use of recycled materials and materials from renewable sources
  8. Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees (and associates) in sustainable business and environmental best practice
  9. Expect similar environmental standards from all our suppliers and contractors
  10. Encourage our visitors to enjoy our services in an environmentally sensitive way
  11. Liaise with, invest in, and support the local community
  12. Continue to monitor risks associated with social and environmental issues so as to minimise these
  13. Join forces with ‘Leave No Trace’ as an indicator of our sustainable principles
  14. Educate, train and motivate our staff (and associates) to work in an environmentally responsible manner and to participate in developing new ideas and initiatives
  15. Communicate with our guests and provide information about local landscape, biodiversity and nature conservation measures in Inishowen
  16. Implement nature walks, wildlife areas, bird boxes, plant native trees and provide information to our visitors about these.

When visiting Inishowen please respect this policy and assist us to act responsibly by following our Responsible Visitor Charter.

Thank you for helping Solas Ireland to provide authentic travel experiences, just as nature intended!

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